August Favorites

It’s August favorites time!! These are my favorite posts, and my favorite videos to watch on YouTube, and believe me, if my voice didn’t sound like a 7 year-olds, I would attempt to film videos. I just don’t think that’s going to happen, but who knows! I may surprise myself. I’m going to apologize in advance because this post may be a little lengthy, we have so much to talk about! I have found some outstanding products this month, lets get into them!

August Favorites | Courtney Toliver

August Favorites | Courtney Toliver

I’ll start with what i’m most excited about, these Routine Cream Natural Deodorants! THEY. ARE. AMAZING. I ordered 5 samples to try before I spent the $24 on the full size (I can’t seem to find one of the samples I ordered).  I was hesitant about it being a cream, because I have only used a stick version, but I actually love it. I put this on around 9 am and cleaned all day, and at the end of the night I still smelled fresh. That never happens, even with my Dove deodorant. I still love my La Vanilla Deodorant that I talked about in my July Beauty Review, but it’s not as effective as these.

They have several different scents that all smell wonderful, but my favorites are the Sexy Sadie, Blackberry Betty, and the Sweet Jane. I find that the Sexy Sadie and the Sweet Jane are more effective because they’re a clay formula and the Blackberry Betty is a beeswax formula. Although, if you have sensitive skin, the Blackberry Betty may be the better choice because it doesn’t contain essential oils and still gets the job done.

Ladies! Quit thinking that natural deodorants are all the same and they don’t work, try these! It’s our job to take as many precautions as we can when it comes to preventing breast cancer and our health in general. Any deodorant that you find at the drugstore is HORRIBLE for you. It’s filled with artificial fragrances and parabens. Make the switch and your body will definitely thank you. Okay okay… moving on.

August Favorites | Courtney Toliver


I absolutely love these masks from Glossier, the mega greens mask and the moisturizing moon mask. I won’t ramble on and on about them because I just did in my post all about my favorite masks. These are such a treat for your skin, and they’ve been on repeat all month long.

August Favorites | Courtney Toliver

This has definitely been my favorite perfume of the month, it’s the Prada Candy Kiss ($38) full size ($86), and it smells delicious. I have received so many compliments on how I smell and that’s a rarity! I feel like I can douse myself in a perfume and then an hour later the scent is nowhere to be found, but this one lasts all day!

August Favorites | Courtney ToliverThis is the Indie Lee CO Q10 Toner ($32). I never really thought toners made a difference in my skin, but with this one, its a different story. I apply it with a cotton pad right after cleansing and before I apply my serum. My skin has been so much more smooth this month. I normally have little bumps on my face around my jawline and I can honestly say they’re completely gone. I’m crediting it to this guy! It contains aloe vera and hyaluronic acid, and those are my two favorite ingredients in skin care!

August Favorites | Courtney ToliverThis is the Glossier Soothing Face Mist ($18). Basically it’s a rose face mist and it’s the perfect thing to throw in your purse and just spray on your face for a little pick me up. It smells heavenly and I have really been loving it this month!

August Favorites | Courtney ToliverThis is the Free Your Mane Hair Oil ($15). I bought this in Anthropologie a few weeks ago and i’m so glad I did. I either put this on right after I towel-dry my hair, or after I curl my hair to add shine. It smells great and makes my hair look so healthy.

August Favorites | Courtney ToliverThis is the Chocolate Sun Organic Face Tanner ($34). I love being tan, but like I said in a previous post, I do not want sun spots or even melanoma. Therefore, Iv really been making sure to put sunscreen on before going outside (favorite face sunscreen). This is a self tanner that I put on in the morning all over my face and neck; I let it develop through the day and then wash it off at night, super simple! This lasts about a week and a half for me and the results are a gorgeous tan without looking orange. I love that all of the ingredients are organic!

August Favorites | Courtney Toliver

I received this Mango Butter ($12) in a Petit Vour subscription box last month and I have been hooked ever since. I could just smell of this all day long, it’s honestly the best smelling product I own. I warm a small amount in my hands and then smooth it on my feet and my hands before I go to sleep, it’s so moisturizing!

August Favorites | Courtney Toliver

Last but certainly not least is this Tatcha Indigo Body Butter ($48). If you have keratosis pilaris, (those little bumps on your arms or your legs) rosacea, eczema, or dermatitis, listen up. I noticed results in the first week of using this. I didn’t even buy it for my bumps on my arms, but I started noticing that my skin was so much more smooth and less red! I went on the website and then read that it targets skin concerns such as the ones I mentioned. I even started putting this on my face to help my rosacea! If you suffer from these skin concerns, you should really try this product.


Whew! I’m sure that was a lot to take in! If you made it to the bottom, Congratulations! Until next time, goodbye!


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