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Hello again, everyone! Christmas is only two weeks away and I don’t know about you, but I have definitely not finished my Christmas buying list yet! Sometimes I just get in a stump and have no clue what to buy people. That is usually when I head to the internet and search different gift guides!

I wanted to start off buy giving you all some ideas that have to do with the home or technology, because these are usually the gifts I like to buy/receive. I found some good ones this year and I hope they give you some inspiration as well!

1. I bought myself an Amazon echo last year when they were on sale and I absolutely love it! I am still discovering things that Alexa does! This is a great gift for a parent who already has everything. 😉

2. This candlefish candle in scent no. 30 is probably my all-time favorite candle, (okay, it may change quite a bit) and it is such a great small gift! Also, the packaging is stunning.

3. This set of cast iron enamel dutch ovens is the main thing on the list that in my opinion is a perfect gift for someone who cooks. I have these cast iron enamel pots and I have found myself using them multiple times a week! They are such a great quality and they’re only $49 for the set right now! I especially like the smaller 4 qt. pot! I may have bought these in another color for a family member. 😉 You can buy them at Sam’s Club or HERE.

4. Since getting married, I have become kind of a collector of Le Creuset cooking items. They’re pretty expensive, but incredible quality and they also come with warranties! This one is currently on sale!

5. If you know of someone who likes tea, this is an amazing gift! It is a little personal tea steeper that is so simple to use. You just add the hot water and tea in the large section and once it’s done steeping just set the tea maker on top of the rim of your mug and it will automatically pour out. I have no idea why, but it is SO fun to use.

6. This beats pill is one of the most used things that I own. It is has incredible sound, the battery lasts a long time, and it is extremely portable! It’s $149 but usually you can find a deal around this time of year!

7. Seriously, who doesn’t need a new pair of headphones? My apple ones always either were lost or broken, but I have these wireless Sudio headphones and I have been obsessed with them. They have an incredibly long battery life and they are more comfortable in your ears that regular ones. I also love how these come in a cute leather pouch! Use code COURTNEY for 15% off!

8. I received this Rowenta Steamer as a wedding gift from Ansley’s brother and his wife and it has made my life much much easier. The water lasts quite a bit longer than my other steamer and this one heats up SO quick. I truly don’t remember the last time I ironed something!

9. Instant Pots are one of those things that may have been sent from God himself. They’re a great gift to receive and are always so quick and useful!


Thank you so much for reading this post. I will be back soon with two more gift guides and until then, bye!

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