Modest Skiwear/Cold Weather Gear

Hi again, everyone!

A couple of weeks ago, I asked if any of you would be interested in me doing a blog post dedicated to modest skiwear and cold weather essentials in general. I received an amazing response, so I decided I would do it. Of course, knowing me, it took forever for me to actually sit down and write it. In case you don’t know me that well, I am a MAJOR procrastinator and it is one of my least favorite things about myself. ANYWAYS… I know it can be so difficult to dress modestly while skiing and still looking modern/fashionable. It is actually close to impossible for me because I end up looking like a snowball. There is nothing that I hate more than being cold while skiing, so I am here to help you all discover some great winter essentials.

(These pictures are from last year)

Skiing in North Carolina Featuring Sweaty Betty  Skiing in North Carolina Featuring Sweaty Betty

And this photo is from this years ski trip! (it was 8 degrees)

Modest Skiwear | Courtney Toliver

1. Base Layers

Lets talk about the items that we need to put on first. I love Sweaty Betty’s base layer sets, but they can be very pricy. I recommend checking them out here on eBay. Sweaty Betty gifted me the ones in the photo above (taken last year) last winter and they are still an essential when I go skiing. They look so cute and most importantly, are very warm. Here are the leggings I am wearing!

Another awesome option for base layer thermals are these baby blue ones from Amazon. They come in lots of different colors too!

2. Ski Bibs

This is the first year in a while that I actually wore ski bibs and it makes ALL the difference when it comes to warmth.

I am going to link two different options. 🙂

3. Lightweight Skirt

The one I wore last year was a simple swim skirt without leggings underneath and it worked great. This year, I wore this one I purchased from Etsy and I think I liked it more because it has built-in shorts which kept the skirt from sliding! I just slid it on over my ski bibs. I had no problem with it getting super wet or skiing in it in general. It is also my #1 favorite swim skirt and is 100% worth the money.

4. Coat/Jacket

The one I wear is a white Parka from Athleta, but is sold out. Here are some similar options!

5. Ski Gloves/Goggles/Misc.

The gloves you wear make a huge difference as well. I don’t know about you, but if my fingers are cold, I am MISERABLE. These would be great because they have the touchscreen technology and great reviews!

It’s very important to also cover your ears and your neck. This cable knit headband is cute AND warm. It also has a slit for your ponytail.

I also LOVE the goggles pictured below. they’re adorable and have really good reviews. I’m ordering them for my next trip!

6. Snow Boots

I wear either my Hunter boots or Sperry boots to and from the ski lodge, but I prefer my sperry ones. They are warmer and much easier to wear when you have on ski bibs. Also, these are super cheap and so cute!


I wish that I had pictures of each item, but I hope that was still helpful. If you have any questions feel free to DM on Instagram @courtneytoliver

Have a wonderful rest of your day!


  1. Anna
    January 27, 2018 / 10:10 AM

    Is it hard to ski with the straight skirt? It’s super cute!!

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