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My All-Time Favorite Natural Deodorant - Z Natural Life My All-Time Favorite Natural Deodorant - Z Natural Life My All-Time Favorite Natural Deodorant - Z Natural Life My All-Time Favorite Natural Deodorant - Z Natural Life My All-Time Favorite Natural Deodorant - Z Natural Life


I talk about new natural deodorants that I am trying out pretty often on this blog and always try to encourage those who read this to try them out as well. I try new brands and formulas continuously since my under arms are honestly, quite finicky. I am insanely sensitive to baking soda, and when I found out these natural cream deodorants from Z Natural Life didn’t contain baking soda, I was thrilled and couldn’t wait to try them out! Also, it makes it so nice that they’re on Amazon, because it makes it super easy to checkout if you’re familiar with Amazon!

First, we can talk about what is NOT in the deodorants. They contain no Aluminum, no Propylene Glycol, no Artificial Colors, no Synthetic Fragrances, and no Baking Soda! That sounds like a pretty good list to me. They DO contain some amazing ingredients and you can see the full list if you scroll down a little ways on each scent. 

There are three different scents: clean, fresh, and sport. I’d say Clean would be my favorite scent, but I love them all! Clean kind of reminds me of those linen and cotton scented candles, which are some of my favorites! Fresh smells really good and citrusy! Sport has a subtle orange scent, so if you want something not as strong, I recommend that one. 🙂 I like to switch mine up every day to keep it interesting. 😉

The consistency is different from any other deodorant I have tried. It’s like a lightweight lotion! It absorbs so fast into your skin, so you’re left with no white residue or sticky feeling! Also, the packaging makes it super easy and quick to apply. Usually with natural deodorants they either give me a rash because of the baking soda, or stop working after a few weeks, but I have been using these for several MONTHS and haven’t had any problem with them! They are insanely effective without being harsh, and for me, that is the perfect combination.

The body powder is great for those days that you think you may sweat more than usual (like the days I do crossfit). I just sprinkle a little on after the deodorant has absorbed and it keeps me extra dry!

The best part of all of this is that they’re 20% off right now which makes them only $7.99 each. They’re some of the most affordable natural deodorants out there! I highly recommend all of you to try these out. They’re effective, affordable, and they are SAFE for your body, so what’s to lose? Conventional deodorant has tons of toxic ingredients that go straight to your blood stream. Studies have shown that using conventional antiperspirants and deodorants ( for example, Dove, Degree, and Secret) can cause the buildup of parabens and aluminum in the breast tissue, causing breast cancer. I don’t think it is worth it, do you?

Thank you all for reading this post, and if you try any of these Z Natural Deodorants out, then please let me know how they worked for you! You can read more about these special products at Have a wonderful day, everyone!


  1. Christina
    April 17, 2017 / 12:51 PM

    That’s for this great review! I ordered this and it sorta works but I do end up very stinky. I’m wondering if there is a detox period when switching to a natural deodorant before any will work. I really want to switch but don’t want to spend a small fortune constantly changing deodorants.

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