My Current Natural Hair Care Routine

My Current Natural Hair Care Routine My Current Natural Hair Care Routine

New hair care products have always been a favorite of mine to try out. My last hair care routine blog post featured un-natural products because I hadn’t found many that I absolutely loved and wanted to share with all of you. Since then, I have tried many of products, and want to talk about a few of my favorites today. Also, most of these are very affordable, which we all can appreciate!

I’ll begin with everyone’s favorite– Shampoo and Conditioner.

My Current Natural Hair Care Routine My Current Natural Hair Care Routine

I picked up these John Masters Haircare products whilst in Los Angeles and have been loving them ever since. The evening primrose shampoo for dry hair ($16) is fantastic for my, well, dry hair! It doesn’t lather up that much, but most natural shampoos do not. It has a subtle earthy scent. It’s not out of this world, but it’s not too bad either! Despite it not lathering it up as much as regular shampoos, this one cleans my hair so well without stripping it of the natural oils. I really have been enjoying it.

The honey and hibiscus hair reconstructor ($26) is meant to be used like a mask, but I use it as a regular conditioner. Basically, I adore anything with honey in it, so I knew that I would like this. I was correct, I really do! This leaves my hair so soft and hydrated.

These have been my go-to’s recently, and I can find them at my local Whole Foods on sale from time to time which is a bonus!

My Current Natural Hair Care Routine

This Andalou Naturals Argan and Sweet Orange Shampoo and Conditioner have been my second favorites recently! I switch between these and the previous mentioned so my hair doesn’t get too familiar with either one. My absolute favorite thing about the argan and sweet orange range, is that they smell delicious, like creamsicle. Delicious is not even the right word, they’re out of this world! Also, I found these at TJ Maxx for only $5 each. They’re normally $9.99 at Whole Foods, and $7.99 at Vitacost (linked above).

Now, let’s move onto styling products!

My Current Natural Hair Care Routine My Current Natural Hair Care Routine

Okay, natural hair sprays aren’t going to hold your hair as well as Freeze-It, but they won’t give you brain cancer either. No, this doesn’t have the most “superb” hold, but it gets the job done for me! I spritz this Giovanni big body hair spray throughout my hair after curling it and it holds my curls very well! I love this hair spray! It’s only $8.99 which is not bad at all compared to your average drugstore hairsprays.

My Current Natural Hair Care Routine

As you can tell, I love Giovanni’s hair care products! I especially love the flat iron-styling mist ($8.99) for heat protection! It protects my hair, and smells great! I mist this through my hair starting below my ears all the way to my ends before curling or straightening and then brush through.

The Brazilian Keratin and Argan Oil Super Potion ($8.29) is very nourishing for hair and body. I smooth this throughout my damp hair concentrating on my ends after washing it. It has a very subtle but nice scent. This oil really helps my split-ends, too!

My Current Natural Hair Care Routine

Last, but not least, is this John Masters Scalp Treatment ($23). This mist is amazing for all my fellow, thin, or fine-haired friends. This not only adds volume to my limp hair, but I think it may be helping with thickness as well! I have been loving this product ever since purchasing it. I just mist this all over my roots after showering. If you struggle with the problems mentioned before, I highly recommend this product!


  1. Elizabeth Aymett
    August 7, 2017 / 12:02 PM

    Yes, curious of current views on Monat products…

  2. Dana
    March 29, 2016 / 4:36 PM

    How do you feel these compare to Monat? I’m loving the prices on these 🙂

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