My Sunglass Collection

Hello there! Today I wanted to talk about my favorite sunglasses. I am very picky when it comes to picking out sunglasses, because it’s very hard to find a pair that looks good  on my face shape. I discovered Ditto, a sunglass subscription box, and it has changed my sunglass game. It’s $24 a month, and you can swap out the pairs as much as you want or as little as you want! They carry all designer sunglasses. Who’s going to go buy a pair of $400 dollar sunglasses anyway, and especially without trying them on! Now you can try them out for as long as you would like.

My Sunglass Collection | Courtney ToliverMy Sunglass Collection | Courtney ToliverLets start out with these beautiful sunglasses from Nasty Gal ($20). These are a near perfect dupe for the Prada sunglasses!

My Sunglass Collection | Courtney Toliver

Now, my favorite of the collection, these Miu Miu sunglasses ($320). I actually just received these a couple days ago from Ditto! They are just simply beautiful. I know I will never want to send these back!

My Sunglass Collection | Courtney Toliver

Next is this beautiful pair from Tory Burch ($195) ! I love love love these, I purchased them from Ebay last year!

My Sunglass Collection | Courtney ToliverNow, we have this cute pair from RayBan ($150). These were actually my first pair of “designer” sunglasses!

My Sunglass Collection | Courtney Toliver

This pair from Quay ($50) is so fun! I loved the shape of these, but because of the color, I kind of looked like the fly from Racing Stripes… Therefore, I ordered them in the tortoise color (bottom right)!

My Sunglass Collection | Courtney Toliver

I had always wanted a pair of Karen Walker ($300) sunglasses, but because of their price and the fact that I had never tried any of them on, I refrained. I got to try these out with Ditto for a while, and it satisfied my craving 😉 They didn’t look the best on my face shape, but they’re still super cute.

My Sunglass Collection | Courtney Toliver

This pair from Miu Miu is definitely the most unique! I fell in love with them, so I hunted on Ebay until I found a super good deal!

I hope you all enjoyed my taking a peak into my favorite sunglasses! Have a lovely day.


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