Natural Deodorant: Best of The Best

Natural Deodorant has definitely been a trial and error process for me. As you can see in the pictures, I have tried a few and have even had more and thrown them away. I’ll start by saying that I have quite possibly the most sensitive armpits on the planet. With most of these, I developed rashes and I would even be in physical pain sometimes from using natural deodorant. I know what you’re thinking, “It’s doesn’t sound worth it”. Let me stop you there, It most definitely is. The ingredients in your standard deodorants from Walmart and Walgreens are beyond horrible for your health. I didn’t know this either until I did some research and read a couple of books. Before we reach the reviews, let’s get into some information about the ingredients in your standard affordable deodorants, such as Secret, Dove, Degree and more.

Natural Deodorant: Best of The Best

  • Aluminum Compounds– These may temporarily stop the flow of sweat, but these compounds can mimic estrogen, which promote the growth of breast cancer cells. Also, this is usually the top ingredient on the list, which means that there is more of it than anything else…
  • Artificial Fragrance– this is probably in every one of the deodorants sitting on Walmart’s shelf. When you see “fragrance, or perfume” on an ingredients list, it can mean it has up to 200 chemicals combined to produce that “lovely floral smell”. It’s not worth it.
  • Propylene Glycol– It’s another common ingredient in deodorant and can cause allergic reactions and both kidney and liver damage.
  • Other Parabens (start with methyl,propyl, benzyl and butyl) Studies have directly linked parabens to breast cancer. Scary right!?

These are just a few of the un-safe ingredients found in the deodorant that could possibly be sitting on your shelf. I get it. It’s easy to access, keeps us smelling good throughout the day, and is affordable. But, guess what? Some of these listed below can do the exact same thing. Some of them are VERY affordable as well, and they don’t come with ANY of the ingredients listed above! Instead, they come with ingredients such as Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Almond Oil,  and Aloe Vera. Hey, would you look at that? Ingredients that we can actually pronounce!

I’m going to walk you through all the highs and lows of my process of finding the perfect deodorant. I’ll start with least favorite, and end with my favorite. Keep in mind that some of these didn’t work for me since I have very sensitive skin. If you do not, some of them could absolutely work for you!

If you are interested in making the switch, check the deodorants below to see which one you think would work best for you!

Natural Deodorant: Best of The Best

Natural Deodorant: Best of The Best

JASON Aloe Vera Deodorant ($5)

Okay, I had to start with this one because I don’t want any of you to waste your hard-earned money on it. Although it is affordable, It simply does not work. Unless you basically have no problems with body odor whatsoever, you can go ahead and skip to the next one.

Natural Deodorant: Best of The Best

LOVEFRESH Eucalyptus/Spearmint Deodorant ($15)

I wanted this one to work for me, but sadly, it did not. This is baking soda free and is geared toward sensitive skin, so I thought it would be great for mine. It just didn’t hold up well throughout the day, and it was a little difficult applying. It definitely may work for others that don’t have as many problems with BO.

Natural Deodorant: Best of The Best

Schmidt’s Lavender + Sage Cream Deodorant ($10)

If you haven’t tried a deodorant with a cream consistency, it takes a little while to  get use to. It comes with a scoop, and you have to scoop a very small amount out of it, and then rub it between your fingers to warm it up. That is the weird part. I know a lot of people just do a couple swipes of their stick deodorants and run out the door. At least, that’s what I do. Other than the consistency being strange, this deodorant worked pretty well for me. The only other negative I have about it, is that it’s too harsh for my skin. If you don’t have sensitive arm pits, this might work fantastic for you!

I quickly learned after using this for a brief period of time that I am not a fan of strong lavender scents in my beauty products. If you aren’t either, Schmidt’s has several scents to choose from, so you’re in luck!

Natural Deodorant: Best of The Best

LaVanilla Deodorants (mini size-$8) (full size-$14)

I am sure you have heard me rave about these LaVanilla Healthy Deodorants. I pick these up in my local Sephora. I am picturing the two above because I could not find my vanilla coconut scented one, which is definitely the only one that worked the best for me.

This deodorant smells great (all of the scents smell very similar) and the packaging is adorable. I had used this consistently for 3 or 4 months and everything seemed to be going pretty good. That is, until it’s process reversed. Yes, you read that correctly, it started to make me stink. Not in my normal BO smell. It was a much worse smell. I went online and read some reviews, and some people said the same thing; therefore, I knew I wasn’t crazy. I also started to get red under arms. They weren’t super red and itchy, but you could tell that it was abnormal.

I can definitely still use it and it work fine. I just have to switch between this one, and others that are more gentle (you’ll learn about those below).

Natural Deodorant: Best of The Best

Routine Cream Deodorants ($24 US Dollars)

Some of you may have seen these deodorants mentioned in this blog post from a while back. As you can see in that post, I absolutely loved these cream deodorants. First off, I adore every single one of the scents. Some people are not a fan of the way they smell, but I definitely am. Also, I don’t mind the cream consistency with these, because they are so creamy and don’t require any warming up with your fingers. They go on very easily and are a great texture.

These deodorants were very effective for me. I started out by ordering the full-sized Blackberry Betty, which smells delicious by the way. It lasted me all day, smelt fantastic, was in a super cute jar… what’s not to like?? Well… Rashes and physical pain, that’s what. Yes, after a month of using this every day, I developed an awful deep red rash under my arms. It got to the point where I was actually in pain and my skin was peeling. It then scabbed over and was not a pretty sight. I used a DIY lemon and sugar scrub to lighten it back up and remove the scab. Sadly, I cannot use Blackberry Betty anymore. I am sort of heartbroken.

A few days later, I decided to try the sensitive skin formula, a girl named Sue. It definitely is not as harsh, but since Sue still contains baking soda, it still is just a little to harsh for my skin. I can still use this, but I only use it every once and a while now.

If you do not have sensitive skin like I do, these are excellent deodorants. Click on the links above and check them out!

Natural Deodorant: Best of The Best

Agent Nateur Stick Deodorant ($19)

After hearing amazing reviews, I picked up this beauty while in Los Angeles a few weeks ago at the cutest little organic beauty store, named Green Line Beauty. The owner is so helpful by the way, so if you’re ever in LA, you definitely should check out her store!

I have really been enjoying this deodorant so far. It hasn’t given me a rash (yet). Also, there is just something so aesthetically pleasing about the packaging. I sit it out on my counter top. It’s that pretty.

It does have a slight scent of Lavender, but it is not that noticeable. This deodorant works well, and does it’s job for me throughout the day. The only drawback is the price point. I don’t find it super expensive, but it definitely is the highest on the list.

If you’re looking for a great deodorant with beautiful packaging, this one could be your new best friend.

Natural Deodorant: Best of The Best

Primal Pit Paste ($13)

Here is one that is in my current rotation of deodorants that I use. I picked this up on a whim while in Whole Foods four days ago. Obviously I haven’t been using it long enough to give you a detailed review, but I will tell you what I am loving, and not loving so far!

The price isn’t bad, but it could be cheaper. I bought the version for sensitive skin, and it does NOT contain baking soda, so I was very happy! I think I have narrowed it down to that pesky culprit that has been causing the rashes in the previous deodorants. I could possibly be allergic. In the future when shopping for new deodorants, one that doesn’t contain baking soda will be my first priority. The scent is very mild, and not distinctive at all, so those of you that hate smelling your deodorant throughout the day, it could be a great option.

This formula is quite thick, and even though it is in a stick form, you still have to warm it up. I just hold it to my under arm for a few seconds and that does the job fine. So far, It is working very well, and I will check back with you next month to update you all on how it’s performing.

Natural Deodorant: Best of The Best

Aloe and Almonds Roll-On Deodorant ($3)

Yes, you read that right. My favorite deodorant on the list is only three dollars. This deodorant hits all the nails on the head for me. My favorite scent is almond, and this smells like the most delicious almond you have ever experienced. The packaging isn’t the cutest, but is very practical and durable. This holds up great throughout the day, but just to be safe, I normally apply it twice- once in the morning and once before bed after my shower. Also, this one does NOT contain baking soda. Woohoo!

Sprouts and Whole Foods both carry this amazing deodorant, I believe. The link (in pink) that is listed above, sends you to Vitacost. That is the cheapest place I have found it so far. For such a low price, you really can’t go wrong with trying out this product.

I hope you all found this post interesting. I also hope that I have encouraged you in some way to make the switch today! And remember, it may take a little time for your body to get use to natural deodorant. After all, it is familiar with tons of chemicals rubbed on in that area, so when it goes to none at all, it may react in different ways. I know that I hated natural deodorant at first, but I stuck with it! That’s what we all need to do. Trust me when I say that you may love your Dove deodorant you are using now, but your body definitely does not.

Have a blessed day, everyone!


  1. Jamie
    May 10, 2016 / 7:34 AM

    Do any of these stain clothes? Some deodarants leave yellow stains on white clothes.

  2. Valentine
    March 23, 2016 / 12:03 PM

    Aloe and Almonds Roll-On Deodorant contains Aluminium ! (ALCLOXA) 🙁 On dirait que ce produit contient de l’aluminum…

    I discovered your blog recently and I like it 🙂 ( Sorry for my bad english)

  3. J Berry
    February 29, 2016 / 8:32 AM

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one with sensitive arm pits! I get a rash even when I shave and they itch like crazy if I put chemically perfumed deodorant on. Thanks for these recommendations. I’m excited to try them.

  4. Natalie
    February 25, 2016 / 2:45 PM

    Thanks so much for this review. I wish more people were aware of the ingredients they put on their body. I’ve been on a natural deodorant hunt for a couple years now. I first tried the Tom’s deodorant, and I was so embarrassed after wearing it for just a hour on a sunny day. I’ve also tried the Lavanila deodorant and found that it also made me stink. Right now I’m using Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal Roll-On. It’s 2.99, and you can pick it up at Dillion’s/Kroger. I’ve even seen it at Wal-Mart. It does a pretty good job, but I’ll definitely have to try the Aloe and Almond Roll-On. Thanks again!

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