My All-Time Favorite Natural Deodorant - Z Natural Life My All-Time Favorite Natural Deodorant - Z Natural Life My All-Time Favorite Natural Deodorant - Z Natural Life My All-Time Favorite Natural Deodorant - Z Natural Life My All-Time Favorite Natural Deodorant - Z Natural Life


I talk about new natural deodorants that I am trying out pretty often on this blog and always try to encourage those who read this to try them out as well. I try new brands and formulas continuously since my under arms are honestly, quite finicky. I am insanely sensitive to baking soda, and when I found out these natural cream deodorants from Z Natural Life didn’t contain baking soda, I was thrilled and couldn’t wait to try them out! Also, it makes it so nice that they’re on Amazon, because it makes it super easy to checkout if you’re familiar with Amazon!

First, we can talk about what is NOT in the deodorants. They contain no Aluminum, no Propylene Glycol, no Artificial Colors, no Synthetic Fragrances, and no Baking Soda! That sounds like a pretty good list to me. They DO contain some amazing ingredients and you can see the full list if you scroll down a little ways on each scent. 

There are three different scents: clean, fresh, and sport. I’d say Clean would be my favorite scent, but I love them all! Clean kind of reminds me of those linen and cotton scented candles, which are some of my favorites! Fresh smells really good and citrusy! Sport has a subtle orange scent, so if you want something not as strong, I recommend that one. 🙂 I like to switch mine up every day to keep it interesting. 😉

The consistency is different from any other deodorant I have tried. It’s like a lightweight lotion! It absorbs so fast into your skin, so you’re left with no white residue or sticky feeling! Also, the packaging makes it super easy and quick to apply. Usually with natural deodorants they either give me a rash because of the baking soda, or stop working after a few weeks, but I have been using these for several MONTHS and haven’t had any problem with them! They are insanely effective without being harsh, and for me, that is the perfect combination.

The body powder is great for those days that you think you may sweat more than usual (like the days I do crossfit). I just sprinkle a little on after the deodorant has absorbed and it keeps me extra dry!

The best part of all of this is that they’re 20% off right now which makes them only $7.99 each. They’re some of the most affordable natural deodorants out there! I highly recommend all of you to try these out. They’re effective, affordable, and they are SAFE for your body, so what’s to lose? Conventional deodorant has tons of toxic ingredients that go straight to your blood stream. Studies have shown that using conventional antiperspirants and deodorants ( for example, Dove, Degree, and Secret) can cause the buildup of parabens and aluminum in the breast tissue, causing breast cancer. I don’t think it is worth it, do you?

Thank you all for reading this post, and if you try any of these Z Natural Deodorants out, then please let me know how they worked for you! You can read more about these special products at Have a wonderful day, everyone!

Black Friday Outfit (All on Sale) Black Friday Outfit (All on Sale) Black Friday Outfit (All on Sale) Black Friday Outfit (All on Sale) Black Friday Outfit (All on Sale) Black Friday Outfit (All on Sale) Black Friday Outfit (All on Sale)

This outfit, for me, screams FALL. I adore this scarf and vest combo, and you can save some $$ on both of them today! The vest is on sale PLUS an extra 40% off.  These Tory Burch boots are sold out in brown, but you can get the black ones on MAJOR sale today!! These Sam Edelman boots are a lot similar and are super good quality. This cross-body bag has been starting to make its way back into my most-worn bags lately. It’s sold out online, but you can usually still find it here on eBay. The denim skirt that I am wearing is literally the perfect length to wear with high boots and it is insanely comfortable. Also, it doesn’t hurt that it’s currently 65% off. 😉

I hope you all found some inspiration in this post, and I hope you all are having a lovely Thanksgiving weekend!

VestScarfSweater | SkirtBootsBag (sold out- found last here on eBay)

So, the sales this year are some of the best I have seen, and I can’t hardly control myself! The past two years were the only Black Friday’s that I participated in, mainly because large crowds tend to make me a tad nervous and getting items ripped out of my hands and/or being trampled doesn’t seem that fun. 😉 I wanted to share some sales with you that you can shop online, and I’m going to include some of the items that I purchased from them already! I may make another post tomorrow if I miss anything! Happy shopping everyone. 🙂

J. Crew (40% Off your ENTIRE purchase!!)

Nordstrom (Extra 20% off SALE items!!)

ASOS (30% off your purchase!!)

SNOGA Athletics is doing 15% off with the code SNOGASHOP

 Also, BOOHOO is having 60% off of everything right now!!!! I ordered 6 skirts a couple of days ago that all hit below the knee for $45 total and that was when it was 50% off! Seriously some of their skirts would only be $4 and $5 and they’re super cute. I highly recommend checking them out. They run true to size for me if anyone is interested. 🙂

Thanksgiving Outfit Inspiration Thanksgiving Outfit Inspiration Thanksgiving Outfit Inspiration Thanksgiving Outfit Inspiration Thanksgiving Outfit Inspiration Thanksgiving Outfit Inspiration

This outfit is classic, and easy to copy, so I thought it would be perfect for some of you that are wanting some last-minute inspiration! I’m obsessing over these knee-high boots also found here and of course, this denim skirt. This skirt is honestly perfect to wear with tall boots and the color goes well with everything! Also, this is my favorite black top for fall and winter because it’s cashmere! And it’s really affordable for cashmere! Everything is linked below and I hope you all have an amazing and blessed Thanksgiving.

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My Engagement Story | Courtney Toliver My Engagement Story | Courtney ToliverMy Engagement Story | Courtney Toliver My Engagement Story | Courtney ToliverMy Engagement Story | Courtney Toliver My Engagement Story | Courtney Toliver My Engagement Story | Courtney Toliver Processed with VSCO with c7 presetMy Engagement Story | Courtney Toliver   My Engagement Story | Courtney Toliver    My Engagement Story | Courtney Toliver My Engagement Story | Courtney ToliverMy Engagement Story | Courtney Toliver

As you may have seen on Instagram or Facebook, my best friend of almost three years asked me on November 5th,  to be his wife. I wanted to share all of the pictures and also give all of the details!

Ansley had been planning this proposal for a couple months and I am SO surprised that I was actually surprised! Him and Mom aren’t the best at keeping things from me. 😉 Me, my Mom, Nanny, Aunt, and her two daughters, Ella and Emma started this trip out by flying into Boston on Wednesday and staying for the day. We then spent a couple of days driving throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island, which are both amazing. I want to go back and visit as soon as possible! We arrived in NYC on Saturday, the big day.

We had plans of taking pictures in Central Park later that day, so I dressed up a little bit. I am so thankful that I went with this outfit instead of the other one I had planned for that day. That outfit would NOT have coordinated with his suit whatsoever! My Aunt Amanda, knowing what he was wearing, steered me in this direction. She’s basically a lifesaver.

So, when we arrived at Central Park, I was in awe of how beautiful it was. If you haven’t visited NY in the fall, definitely put it on your bucket list. I was worried the foliage would be gone by the time we got to the city, but it was actually perfect. After we walked around for around an hour, Amanda walked off and Mom later said that she had found a perfect place to take pictures. So, My Mom, Nanny, two cousins, and myself headed over there. We crossed a beautiful bridge, turned a corner, and there at the bottom of a small hill was my Aunt with the camera taking pictures of me. I was so confused as to why she was taking pictures of us walking down this hill, but then I finally saw him standing next to her dressed to the nines and holding a bouquet of peonies (which just so happen to be my favorite flowers). I immediately knew what was happening and started feeling myself tear up. When I got to him and hugged him, he was shaking profusely. I even remember myself asking, “Are you okay?”. To be honest after that, it was kind of all a blur.

Other than him shaking, there are really only two things I remember. I do remember that the bridge that we crossed was full of people and when he got down on one knee, I heard a big “awwwwww” in the background. The other thing that I remember is the pure joy that I felt after he was done and I realized that I WAS REALLY ENGAGED. I know that the next year will be so busy with wedding planning and all, but I am so excited for it. I want to enjoy every minute of it and not rush anything. We’re leaning towards October 21st for the date, so we have lots to do before then!

One last thing before I go, to all of you girls and women who aren’t married yet, I strongly encourage you to not settle. I believe with all my heart that God sent Ansley my way, and he has never treated anything less than amazing. I feel so blessed to have someone who cherishes me for ME, and the same goes for how I feel about him. It’s so funny because I never even expected him to come into my life, but it just happened, and that’s the way it goes a lot of times. If you think you’re never going to find anyone: WRONG. You will, it will just be in God’s timing.

Okay, that’s all I have to say! I hope you all enjoyed the pictures and that each of you have a wonderful rest of your day. 🙂

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