Snoga Athletics Faux Wrap Skirt Review

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First of all, I apologize that these pictures are kind of grainy. I bought a new camera a few weeks back  and I’m struggling with the focus/lighting areas of the settings!!

Okay, let’s get into the actual review!

If you follow me on Instagram, I’m sure you’ve seen Snoga Athletics pop up several times lately! That’s because I am truly in love with them. These skirts are such a great quality and work for so many different things. Those that know me personally know that, sadly, I am not a fitness enthusiast. I hardly ever work out! When I do, I go to a hot yoga class. I truly do love hot yoga and it’s such a great workout! These skirts are perfect for that! They allow me to move around without being restricted whatsoever, and this “faux wrap” version especially doesn’t restrict me.

The sizes run from XX Small to XX Large! How great is that?! I wear a medium for size reference, they definitely fit true to size. Not only are these skirts great for working out, they’re also great for swimming! Because of the built-in leggings, I know that I’ll be modest at all times, and they dry really quick.

The last thing that I wear these for is simply lounging around the house! They’re that comfortable! Everyone that I know of that purchased one of these skirts have told me that they love it. If you have been thinking about trying Snoga Athletics out, do it! You will thank me later!


  1. Jaime
    April 14, 2017 / 11:51 PM

    Thanks for the review – it’s the next best thing to ‘try before you buy’ 😉

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