Z Natural Life Facial Care Collection Review

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I am so excited to be doing a long overdue blog post featuring Z Natural Life‘s new skincare collection! Now, you that follow me on Instagram, or the ones that may have seen this blog post know that I am a big fan of their deodorants and still use them to this day. When they emailed me and let me know that they were coming out with a skincare collection, I truly knew immediately that I would love it. Let me tell ya, they did not disappoint. I have been using them for the last month and I wanted to wait a while before posting this to make sure I had solid reviews for each product and told you everything that you need to know. Let’s get into the review, shall we?

Z Natural Life Facial Care Collection Review Z Natural Life Facial Care Collection Review

The Hydrating Overnight Mask is the product that I was most excited about before receiving the products. I love anything that is going to rejuvenate my skin overnight. I feel like evenings are the most crucial time for a solid skincare routine because your skin gathers so much build up from dirt and oil throughout the day and using a great cleanser (this is my favorite) and applying a highly moisturizing product right before bed does wonders. I apply a layer of this overnight mask to my face immediately after cleansing my face. The texture is actually my favorite thing about this product. It is incredibly silky and lightweight, which are two things that are rare with overnight treatments, for they are usually very thick. This mask also has a very light pleasant scent, which makes it perfect for most people!

After letting my skin drink up the amazing ingredients in this mask overnight, I wake up with smooth, hydrated, glowing skin. I’m happy to say that I have zero complaints about this product and since it is priced at only $19.99, it is very affordable for natural, vegan skincare! And with ingredients like olive squalane (balances moisture), sodium hyaluronate (deeply hydrates skin), avocado oil (absorbs quickly) and more, you truly can’t go wrong.

Z Natural Life Facial Care Collection Review

The Revitalizing Facial Serum is without doubt, my favorite product from the three and so far, my most-used. I love facial oils, but sometimes they tend to be heavy and end up clogging your pores. This is the perfect mix between a serum and an oil consistency. It is extremely lightweight and I love how it sinks into my skin SO fast. Those are the exact things I look for in a daily moisturizer and this one has been my go-to for the last few weeks. I have even recommended it to some of my friends!

I use about four drops for my face and neck combined and sometimes I apply this before applying the overnight mask for an extra boost of hydration. Some of it’s key ingredients are olive squalane, jojoba oil, hemp oil, rosehip fruit oil, and of course more incredibly moisturizing ingredients and some filled with antioxidants and omega rich fatty acids. This serum is only $24.99 and I truly recommend you trying it out.

Z Natural Life Facial Care Collection Review

The last product we have to talk about is the Energizing Facial Mask. This product is made to cater to ALL skin types and I believe it does just that. It is a brown color and has a pleasant scent that is fairly light. I love masks that combat a lot of skin issues at one time. This mask is moisturizing, energizing, and detoxifying! Now this contains some INCREDIBLE ingredients and my skin absolutely loves this mask. Some of the ingredients are Pelavie Black Silt, kaolin and bentonite clay, vitamin C, green tea and licorice extracts, and sodium hyaluronate. If you aren’t familiar with those ingredients, basically… they’re all amazing skin-loving and will provide actual results. I apply a light layer of this mask onto my skin and let it sit for around 20 minutes and then of course wash off with warm water.

You may be thinking, “I have dry skin and typically can’t use detoxifying masks!” Well, I hear ya. I have dry, sensitive skin and most detoxifying masks leave my face very red and that kiiiiind of scares me, but this one didn’t at all. Since it uses mainly kaolin clay to draw out those toxins in your skin, you don’t have to worry because it is extremely gentle while still being effective.

This mask is also $19.99 and really is a great product if you just want to bring life back into your skin! That is all I have to share with you at the moment, but I hope you found this post helpful and if you decide to try any of these products out, please let me know how they work for you!



*Thank you to Z Natural Life for sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

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